1.5x faster in 4 months!

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1.5x faster in 4 months!

Postby Huoleton » Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:10 pm

I started practicing swimming in mid October.
No previous sports background although I started jogging a month earlier.
By coincidence it was specifically freestyle swimming. I was not new to being in the water but I had never took a single stroke of real modern front crawl before.
Just after I started I did some longer distance swims (~1-2k) with a snorkel to test my starting speed and I got times in the range of 2:40 to 2:50.
At that point I was not able to swim very far with real breathing so I had to use a snorkel.
Yesterday I did a 1k time trial and it was 16:24 which should be 1:38 pace. That is more than 1.5X faster than in the beginning.
My initial goal was to get to 2:00 pace so I could swim the 750m in a sprint triathlon in 15 minutes (that will be my first triathlon and my first sports event ever in June).
I got there by the end of the year and because swimming started to feel like so much fun I wanted to try to get to 1:40 pace because it happens to be 1m/s which is a nice round figure.
I never imagined I would actually get there this winter.
Now I'm more or less there and I'm already looking at 1:30 (15min/km). That feels like very tough target with the time I can spare in the pool.
Because my actual target is open water I'm bit concerned I'm cheating with pushing off too far in the 25m pool I swim so my actual open water speed could be a lot worse (at least without wetsuit).
I don't do flip turns but the arm recovery in the push-off glide starts to feel better and better the faster I swim.

Things that helped me the most:
To start freestyle I attended a beginners course which was really helpful at that point.
Finding swimsmooth was the basis for getting faster in the water.
I took one private swimming lesson from a coach who uses pretty similar thinking as swimsmooth. That made a major improvement on my hand position.
I got a gopro for video analysis which I think is pretty mandatory for fast development (video analysis is, not gopro).
SS app is so good it's almost cheating. Especially catch masterclass and "elites" section for me.
There have been a couple of threads on this forum that really clicked for me. One was about extensive use of pull buoy and the other lead me to think about the wrist more than fingers when pulling.

I haven't yet done a single structured exercise by myself where I would know beforehand what kinds of sets I'm going to perform.
I just try to identify my weaknesses and work on them until they become my strengths. Sometimes I fail and do something unproductive.

Thanks you swimsmooth and everyone contributing on this board!

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