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Postby Annie Swing Smooth » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:21 pm

Swim Smooth are very proud to announce the launch of the new Swim Smooth Coaching System, a personal coach for swimmers, triathletes and coaches! Available for you to use wherever you are on any phone, tablet or computer - in fact anywhere you can access the internet. Click here for a full tour of the features: http://www.feelforthewater.com/2014/12/announcing-all-new-swim-smooth-coaching.html

Now you can have full access for free for 48 hours....dive right in here: [url]app.swimsmooth.com[/url]

Featuring over 20 hours of never-seen-before Swim Smooth coaching video to work on all aspects of your swimming and over new 300 training sessions for you to follow, this unique web-app brings our whole award winning coaching system together in one place.

First the system cleverly configures itself to your level of swimming and individual Swim Type, then informs and inspires you on how to move forwards. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you will quickly make some big strides forwards with your freestyle swimming in the pool, open water and triathlon events!

The Swim Smooth Coaching System is a revolution in swim coaching resources, having everything at your fingertips from simple pointers and videos through to training plans and ideas makes this a must have for any coach, or swimmer who utilises Swim Smooth methods. I have found myself lost in the system (in a good way!) watching video after video and reading session plan after plan, which makes me think about how I can adapt, use and deliver some of the ideas in my sessions. This is all of Swim Smooth's ideas and philosophy put together in a seamless one-stop package with inbuilt intelligence to guide you smoothly through the system.
Jason Tait, Head Coach http://www.southwestswim.co.uk

It looks and feels like an app but it actually houses the entire Swim Smooth coaching system: training sessions, full training plans, instructional videos, swim type stroke correction and much more all at your fingertips! My only regret is that now everyone will have access to Swim Smooth's secrets!
Jeff Davis, Age-Group Triathlete, Australia

Whatever your level of swimming, it's your complete swim coaching solution.


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