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New to Swimming!

Postby serena owens » Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:34 am

Hi Swimming Enthusiasts! I am Serena, 38 and a mother of two. Guess why am I here? I am not a swimmer just yet but i intend to enroll myself and my kids in swimming classes because i felt it would help cure our asthma, as many friends have suggested. Not just to cure asthma,it has been my dream to be a good swimmer,both as a sport and for survival purposes.

Hence, i think forums such as this would be a good venue to learn a lot about this sport. By the way guys, just a little favor! I need your honest opinion about this necklace that I want to give to my friend who is also a swimmer. I saw this in google but i am not actually sure yet where to buy it. Would every swimmer like this necklace if given to them? Please help me on this guys! thanks :D [/color]
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