girls dont lope

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girls dont lope

Postby smootharnie » Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:57 am

Some good swimming here, but no loping at the 200m loping distance.
Symmetrical timing, no bounce, only smooth side to side flipping.
Girls dont lope, why?

8.13 isnt fast at the top level.

The stroke at the very top level looks a bit different also.
Looks stronger and longer with less symmetrical rhythm to me . More upper body power and more asymmetric lope coming into the stroke. Doing it at a lot faster though at 7.43:

Actualy I like the asian style better.
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Re: girls dont lope

Postby s.sciame » Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:56 pm

smootharnie wrote:Girls dont lope, why?

Unfortunately we don't have any girl to ask directly, so I try to speculate based on my personal experience. To me loping, or just asymmetric timing (not necessary ondulating up and down), is

1) a smart trick to increase stroke rate: since you still have plenty of time to pull on one side, you feel like you're not increasing your stroke rate when in fact you are (because you're stroking quicker and shorter on the other side). If I should hold 70SPM+ with a symmetric stroke (and still fit one breath every 2 strokes) I'd feel more rushed, with a loping stroke instead I'd feel comfortable.

2) Another benefit I noticed is that during the long pull side you also have more time to gently breathe out. Again, with a symmetric stroke at 70SPM I'd have less time to breathe out unless I choose to breathe every 3 strokes, but in this case it would be too much time between 2 breaths (80SPM and breathing every 3 could be right to breathe but 80SPM is too fast for me). Let's say that for some swimmers a loping stroke could fit breathing better.

The drawback is that I feel this kind of stroke requires more muscles, and without proper strength it's less effective than a symmetric stroke in the end.

So I guess the best candidate for a loping stroke in general is a pretty strong swimmer with long arms (typically male), say a smooth with a lot of power to deliver and a natural longish stroke but a "slowish" base stroke rate.

I guess girls (before Ledecky) still get to win the 200 and 400m more with aerobic engine and rhythm than with muscles. Guys rely more on their muscle strength over these distances. Don't know how much strength training Katie Ledecky does, perhaps she's stronger than Federica Pellegrini and has a slower base stroke rate.

Just my thoughts.
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