Perenial Hand Problem.

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Perenial Hand Problem.

Postby cottmiler » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:58 am

If one studies Shelley and Paul Newsome at 2:39 onwards, you can see how they hold their hand flat with no splayed fingers. ...

Why does my brain refuse to do the same but instead has the fingers wide apart like a red eyed tree frog?

The reason must be that the human body finds the path of least resistance when doing a physical activity, and for me, it feels uncomfortable to have the fingers together. One is allowed to have the thumb sticking out a bit since otherwise the hand might be cupped.

By uncomfortable I mean that when the hand is flat it puts more pressure on the water and meets resistance that upsets body balance thorugh incorrect motion.

So it is yet another drill where I have to push though the uncomfortable/unpleasant/painful feelings until the body is swimming correctly. How many more years to go?

This gross failing was observed by Mrs Cott this morning.
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Re: Perenial Hand Problem.

Postby smootharnie » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:26 am

I think you need a finger band next to your ankle band.
pobably a combination of lack of flexibility and pulling a bit too soon, too hard.
have you ever concentrated on having the shoulder lifted right after entry? This sets you up for a more vertical forearm and brings a stable base for that paddle.
But like you said, creating a perfect paddle and having a comfortable swim can be hard to combine.
Spreading out the fingers at the front and the very first part of the catch isnt that bad.
It limits the amount of water you are pushing down.
I am tended to push water down too. The best remedy is to swim more bottom up, and shift the force of the pull furher backward.
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