Nightcrawler's 2017 Season

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Re: Nightcrawler's 2017 Season

Postby Adivio » Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:46 am

P.S: I lost 5 kilos in a month, decreased from 84kg to 79kg, I can wear my old trousers now ;)

Congrats, that's a lot of weight loss in a month. I guess you achieved this by eating less (much less)?
If you manage to make this your permanent diet, all good. If not, the lost weight will grow back ...

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Re: Nightcrawler's 2017 Season

Postby s.sciame » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:21 pm

nightcrawler wrote:Dear Folks,

Anyway, forget about drills :D

30.11.2016 - SCM - Morning Session - 4400m
900 complex
Set#1: 12x75m crawl int:75" (avg:63", best:61", SPL:19-20)
Rcvry: 300 stroke easy
Set#2: 20x50m crawl int:50" (avg:41", best:40", SPL:19-20)
Rcvry: 300 stroke easy
Set#3: 20x25m crawl int:25" (avg:19", best:18", SPL:18-19)
Rcvry: 20x25m doggy paddle extension drill by breathing in each 3 strokes R:10"

nigt"CRAWLER" is back!

That's the nightcrawler I know! ;)
Well done,
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