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Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:26 pm
by swimsmooth

Dear friends,

Unfortunately the sad day has come and we’ve decided to put the Swim Smooth forum to sleep. This isn’t something we’ve done lightly and have been considering all options for a while. We realise you might be feeling pretty frustrated by this decision and for that reason it’s been a difficult one to make.

We have taken this action because (as you’ve probably noticed) we simply don’t have the time or resources to give the forum the attention it requires. Without our constant attention we have seen an increasing danger that forum visitors receive advice contrary to Swim Smooth coaching and whilst everyone’s entitled to their opinion, we don’t feel this should happen “under our roof” so to speak.

A lot has changed in the world since we started the forum in 2008. 99% of our followers now expect us to talk to them in other ways including such things as Facebook and Twitter but also through our in-built chat systems such as that within the Guru. In fact the Guru has 20x more active users than the forum so it’s clear where our priorities have to lie.

Swim Smooth itself has also changed since 2008, progressively over those years we’ve created a huge amount of high quality coaching resources and whilst in the old days the forum was a useful medium to answer a swimmer’s question, now we normally just need to tweet a link to a drill video in the Guru or email a link to a post on the blog.

Please do continue to interact with Swim Smooth in every other way and for your own benefit remember our core values to great swimming:

- Think of yourself as an individual
- Remember there’s no one perfect stroke we should all be aiming for
- Work on your fitness as well as your technique (it’s just as important)
- Keep a constant focus on those open water skills
- Strike a balance between stroke length and stroke rate without a pause-and-glide in your stroke
- Don’t hold yourself back by creating psychological barriers that aren't real - e.g. your age, your height, where you live
- Spend more time swimming than you do talking about it! :)

Speak to you soon (by other mediums),

Adam Young & Paul Newsome, Swim Smooth