Arnie (The Chicken or the egg)

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Arnie (The Chicken or the egg)

Postby Dave1 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:19 pm

Being a 200% Arnie my first night swimming consisted of thrashing up and down the pool like a madman, and nearly collapsing at the end of it as i was exhausted and going into "melt - down".
Getting the Arnie Correction guide helped enormously as it concentrated on my major faults which was mainly drag.
I turned into a techniqe hermit gauging my improvement in 25metre sprints, as i died and dropped off after 25 seconds as i was wasting too much energy fighting the water.
Now the chicken and the egg senario, wanting to improve, get faster do i comit to speed work distance technique or all three.
Swam 25 metres in 25 seconds and time drops after 1st length.
Can now swim 100 metres in 1.56 where previously it was 2.10.
Biggest improvement was over 400m which was previously 10.20 and last week was 08.16.
My mission was to get my swim time down from 10.20 to 8 minutes which i think i can do as previously after each 25m i had to take 5 breaths before doing another 25m, may get this by faster turns and being more consistent as my times plumeted after 25m not staying consistent.
This has taken over two years to complete, my local pool is 18 miles away and with work i swim mostly once a week.
I am 50 years old 6 feet 2" Albertross, 258 lbs have a speed bump for a tummy LOL.
Tried going smooth and long and ended up Gliding to swim more efficently, was swimming at 26 strokes a minute and now doing 26-30 strokes per minute.
So what do you suggest for my next improvement.

Thanks for looking, Dave.

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