How to return?

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How to return?

Postby Locco » Sat May 07, 2016 6:20 pm

Hi there! Sorry for mistakes, English isn’t my native language
I want to become a coach of swimming, and I am study at the university. I swam in the school, but stopped to swim, when I went to university. It took 5 years, and now I'm 22 years old. To work as a coach in my town, you need to have a sports qualification. I do not know whether there is in usa, but we do, when you swim fast enough, you are awarded the title of Master of Sports. For example, when you swim 200 meters freestyle faster 1m 55c in the pool of 50 meters.

Once I swam close to that time, but now swim badly. To train with a coach in my town, you need to swim well. But if you want to swim well, you have to train with the coach. Vicious circle.

Hence my question - can I, after a break of 5 years, return to the pool, and get this award, practicing by myself? And what I need to do? Can eat correctly, or something like that? Or move to a bigger city, and look for a coach there? I haven’t much money for this move

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Re: How to return?

Postby msswimmer » Mon May 09, 2016 5:44 pm

Hi Locco,

you are either not serious here or the time you supplied is off.

If becoming a swim coach would require a 1:54.XX for the 200 freestyle long course then there would hardly be any swim coaches in the world. That's almost in the range of elite swimmers. If you came close to this time at age 17, you must have been very good. However, having been this good, you would certainly know that you can't make this cut unless with very, very serious training. We are talking every day, long distances.

It would also be a time beyond the 'practicing by yourself' range, especially if it requires a new personal best. So, I suspect you are talking about the wrong time here. For a time below 2:55, for example, if you have been close to that before, then some intensive online study and standard workout plans may do. You will likely still need someone to review your technique from outside the pool, as technique is everything in swimming for a start.

Hope that clarifies things a bit.

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Re: How to return?

Postby Locco » Wed May 11, 2016 5:15 pm

If it's more easy to become a coach in USA, i will be glad to arrive. Few days ago

A few days ago I spoke with fitness club administrations, and they was told that sports education is not enough, we need also sports qualification.

I wasn't wrong with time. I can swim for 2.15-2.2 right now, but this is a very bad result. Once I swam for 1.58-2.0, and I want to know, can I return the result of by my own? Or it's necessary to have trained with a professional coach? Or go to another country and work there?

You really don't need sporting achievements, to work as a coach? There is no competition? Little hard to believe.

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