I think I'm a hybrid. What's your take?

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I think I'm a hybrid. What's your take?

Postby Shepster » Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:01 am

I'm pretty sure I started as an Arnie about 2 years ago, but somewhere between then and now I think I ventured into Overglider. Now I'm not sure where I am. I picked up a Finis Tempo Trainer about 6 months ago and have been working my way up from 49 spm to my current 51. In this video I think I actually swam at 50 spm, because I turned in my best 500m TT at 9:12 when I dialed it back to 50 from 51. This video was taken after swimming about 500m with a short rest every 100m so that my technique would be more consistent for the video. On the second lap I threw in some sighting just to see how I was doing with it since this was my first video.
Thanks for such a great site!

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Paul Newsome
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Re: I think I'm a hybrid. What's your take?

Postby Paul Newsome » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:48 pm

Hi Shepster

Wow, you looked really excited to be filmed there at the start of that clip! Nice job!

Yes, you're definitely a bit of a hybrid there - or what we'd typically show as probably the most common development pathway, that being from Arnie to Overglider. Ideally you'd go from Arnie to Smooth (or in some cases Swinger), but as we see from the video you have a very distinct catch-up style with a clear pause at the front of the stroke. Whilst this is undoubtedly better than what you used to be doing (so congrats on that), it's not quite as smooth and rhythmical as Jono here: http://www.swimtypes.com/smooth.html - notice how he has a long, smooth stroke, but never actually looks like he's going to catch-up. It's fluid and smooth and oozes great rhythm as you'd expect from someone who swam at the Athens Olympics!!

What you need now Shepster is a little more rhythm and not quite so much catch-up without going back to spinning your arms and fighting it like a true Arnie!!

Do you have one of the Guides to follow? I'd suggest the Overglider guide at this stage for yourself.

Keep up the good work!


P.S what profession / line of work are you in out of interest?
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Re: I think I'm a hybrid. What's your take?

Postby Shepster » Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:16 am

Thanks a bunch, Paul! I can agree that I need more rhythm in my stroke. I also feel that for some reason I was catching up more than usual...probably psyching myself because of the camera. I'll post up another video, for confirmation, as soon as I get it. My profession? You can probably guess. I'm in engineering.

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